Codenames Of Next Windows 10 Versions Confirmed

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Windows Next. While Microsoft may, so far, have remained mum on the codenames of the next features updates for Windows 10, some new intelligence surfaced recently.

The ones that will grace our computers in the coming years.

This recent discovery by Microsoft watcher Tero Alhonen confirms two codenames, the evidence of which was found in the recently released Windows 10 SDK build 18950. And let’s just say the two call signs are rather interesting.

The 19H2 update will be called Vanadium, while the 20H1 update that is due out in spring of next year goes by as Vibranium.

Comics mode on, eh?

Windows Next Codenames

Of course, keener eyes among you may already be aware that these same names have previously leaked to the web. Meaning, there is a solid shot that these are indeed being used for the upcoming versions of the operating system.

Speaking of versions, out of these two updates, the 20H1 release seems to be the one that is getting all the attention lately. And that is because it seems to bringing more substantial improvements to the platform than the upcoming 19H2 release.

This version is already available for Insiders in the Slow ring of the preview program, and due to be finalized in September, with an October target date designated for production devices.

The 20H1 release, on the other hand, is currently being tested by users enrolled in the Fast ring, and is expected to go live early 2020.

Remains to be seen whether the company officially confirms these codenames in any capacity. But seeing that these call signs are usually used by developers and on the backend, we can safely file this as a reliable rumor.

Not often can one say this, these days.

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