Edge 87 Is Flowing With New Features

Edge Dev Channel

Microsoft has released a new update to the Edge Dev channel. Right on time, at that. Edge 87 is the name of the game, and this new version of the web browser delivers a bunch of new features.

Below is everything you need to know about what it brings.

For starters, Redmond has finally added the ability to Open and Save As for the items you download before they begin downloading. This is pretty much the norm on other browsers, and though the software titan took its time, the feature is here.

Also here is the ability to view a PDF table of contents, and use it to navigate to locations within it.

Another staple feature, another late addition, but we’ll take it.

As for what else is new, there are a bunch of other additions that you should be aware of if you are a regular user of Edge. These are mostly minor options that improve the usability and functionality of the web browser.

  • Added a Website Permission Setting for sites that ask to open an application after clicking on a link.
  • Changed ClickOnce support to be enabled by default.
  • Enabled support for a Printing Paper Size Default management policy from Chromium.
  • Enabled support for management policies for Default File System Read Guard Setting, Default File System Write Guard Setting, File System Read Ask For Urls, File System Read Blocked For Urls, File System Write Ask For Urls, and File System Write Blocked For Urls from Chromium.

Good stuff.

Even better stuff is how Microsoft enhanced the reliability of Edge, and changed some of its behaviors. You can check out the full list of improvements here. It’s pretty extensive.

Things are not as bright when it comes to the known issues. Many of the previously reported problems persist, including the issues with ad blocking extensions and YouTube, tabs crashing, windows becoming black, duplicate favorites, the wobbles when scrolling, and whatnot.

Hopefully, these are addressed soon, too.

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