Edge Canary Gets Extension Syncing

Microsoft Edge

That syncing feeling! One of the few things missing from the new Microsoft Edge upon it release was the extension syncing ability that lets users sync up their extensions on multiple installs of the web browser.

That alongside things like history syncing and the option to sync open tabs.

Well, good thing is that Microsoft has been hard at work on all these features and more.

The software titan recently added ARM64 support for its browser, which was another option that was not part of the original release. That arrived in the stable channel last week. And now the company is back with more, albeit in the Canary channel.

As noted in a post on Microsoft Tech Community, extension syncing is here.

Since Edge Canary is updated daily, and is currently on version 82.0.424.0, there is a solid shot that the Dev Channel will also get it when it hops onto version 82. That channel is still on version 81, as of this writing.

Of course, still missing is the history sync feature. And some may say that this is an even more important omission, as it is a staple of what one would want in a modern browser.

But hopefully that is not far off.

If you want to download Edge Canary, you can get it by pointing your browser to this link. Be warned that since this build of the browser is updated daily, you may find that it breaks things every now and then.

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