Emperion Windows on ARM Phone Will Run Android Apps

Emperion Windows on ARM Phone

Nice! If you have been holding out for a Windows on ARM phone that can run Android apps, then you would do well to remember the name Emperion.

It is a company that has made official its plans to launch a device powered by this new OS.

One that will natively run Android apps out the box.

You may be aware that it has been a month since the official demise of the Windows 10 Mobile platform, and it is clear that Microsoft is not in the mood to resurrect that mobile platform — even as it gears up to launch its Surface Duo that runs Android with Google services.

But luckily, we have another company that is going to try its hands at such a device.

The UK based firm teased this device that will run the full Windows on ARM, and will come with the native ability to run Android applications

Obviously, there is not a lot of details in the announcement tweet.

But Windows Insider MVP Jeremy Sinclair got some answers, including the fact that the device will be called Nebulus and will apparently run Android apps without emulation or having to switch between operating systems.

No indication from Emperion how that will happen, though.

Nevertheless, there is talk that the processor most likely is Snapdragon 850, which is a chipset that is made for Windows on ARM. The device will also include a headphone jack and a microSD slot, which is what will further separate it from the modern flagships available on the market lately.

The interesting thing is that Windows on ARM does not natively support telephony, but this is a feature that coming to the platform soon.

Same goes for the device that will see preorders open soon.

Your thoughts? Will this fly? Or be another product with potential that fails to find a market?

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