Facebook Wanted To Hire Microsoft Cloud Chief Scott Guthrie

Scott Guthrie

It appears that Facebook was this close to recruiting Scott Guthrie, the Microsoft cloud chief. The social network really wanted to snap him away from the Redmond based technology titan.

This has been revealed in an internal Facebook document that was leaked earlier this week.

An exchange between Facebook executives showed how the social media giant was making efforts to recruit Guthrie in 2014. In fact, Ina Fried of Axios basically confirmed that Facebook “heavily recruited” him — whatever that is supposed to mean.

Facebook had been eyeing Guthrie for some time, but made sustained efforts in early 2014.

But it was in February of that year that Guthrie ultimately replaced Satya Nadella as the head of company’s Cloud and Enterprise Group, as Nadella transitioned to the role of Microsoft CEO. And we all know the story since then.

He now leads the Cloud and AI division at the company.

Guthrie has held that role since then as Microsoft has amped up investments in Azure and other related cloud services that have now started to bolstering it bottom line. The company recently beat out Amazon for a prestigious $10 billion Pentagon cloud contract.

Overall, a neat turn of events for Guthrie.

He joined Microsoft in 1997 and rose through the ranks to became a respected leader at the company., pushing it to expand its horizons and incorporate more open-source tools and technologies, in an effort to go beyond its own platforms.

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