Firefox Metro Development Picks Up Pace

The Metro (or Modern UI) version of Firefox has been under development for a while now, but it has just crossed some important milestones as it nears release.

In fact, Mozilla has announced that new iterations of the browser app will now emerge every two weeks. The fifth stage of development has just started today, and will last until April 12.

For those that love statistics, the current development of Firefox Metro has reached the 65 percent market, putting it slightly ahead of schedule. Nevertheless, the team has its hand full when it comes to squashing bugs and errors as it paddles ahead.

A quick glance at its Bugzilla website shows that most of the bugs have been assigned, with four even receiving a fix. This leaves the team a total of 24 issues and problems to fix before they leave this stage of development.

Speaking of development, work on the Metro build of Firefox started a little over a year ago.

Though it has received little media attention in the news, the app is one of the most anticipated ones for Microsoft’s newest platform — Windows 8 and beyond.

Mozilla maintains that Firefox enjoys hundreds of millions of users, enough for it to enjoy a global market share of 20 percent. Statistics from StatCounter seem to confirm this.

The Android version of the browser also enjoys daily download of over 100,000 from the Google Play Store, along with a very high rating of 4.5 that sheds light on the high quality of the app.

And this is exactly what Microsoft’s fledging new platform needs right now. Apps like the Metro version of Firefox are something that a lot of Windows 8 users are looking forward to.

The design of the application looks to be excellent, and with a faster development and release cycle (than the mobile and desktop variants of the browser), it seems that it is only a matter of time before the final build of the browser arrives for Windows 8.

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