Former Microsoft Employee Criticizes Company At Microsoft Event

Damon Danieli is not happy. He worked at Microsoft for 14 years and was involved in several projects at the Redmond company — from things like the Xbox Live Service to ActiMates (look them up, seriously, do), the plush toys Microsoft released back in the 90s.

But at a company event held by the software giant at its headquarters he tried to explain some of the decisions Microsoft made in the last few years.

And it’s not a good sight.

In a story, Bloomberg quoted him as starting his speech in this fashion:

“Microsoft needs some help. Just look at the title: `Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure Powered by TechStars, Startup Edition Service Pack 1’.”

Sure, you may say the guy worked at Redmond during the good old days, the all-or-nothing days and it’s just nostalgia kicking in.

But he has a point when he says that Microsoft used to set up teams and pay developers to create its own solutions, instead of going on a buying spree and acquiring companies like Skype:

“It pains me to see what happens now where Microsoft pays $8.5 billion to acquire Skype or $1.2 billion for Yammer.”

Microsoft said that it will be discontinuing its iconic Windows Live Messenger and moved all its users to Skype — a decision that has merit as video communication is set to explode in the future, but then again, the big and burly Microsoft of old would have developed its own Skype.

What’s your take on this? Has Microsoft lost a bit of initiative in these past few years? Or is acquiring popular services the way forward? Do sounds off in the comments section below.

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