H2O.ai Launches Full Suite On Azure Marketplace


Another happy landing! H2O.ai, a leader in open source AI solutions, recently launched its full suite of AI driven platforms on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

The company shared the good news at its H2O AI World London 2018 event.

H2O.ai is used by more than 14,000 organizations across the globe, with platforms like H2O Sparkling Water and H2O Driverless AI on easy access to users. Not only Azure users, but existing H2O customers also benefit from the high scalability and security available at the cloud platform.

H2O.ai Logo

Sri Ambati, CEO and founder, H2O.ai:

“The winning combination of H2O.ai best-in-class products with Microsoft Azure private and public cloud infrastructure makes it faster, cheaper and easier to monetize data for enterprises. With H2O and Driverless AI in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace we bring powerful AI capabilities to the fingertips of data science and machine learning teams worldwide.”

Customers worldwide can easily find, buy and deploy the suite, which is now optimized to run on Azure.

H2O.ai open source platforms incorporate in-memory machine learning capabilities along with linear scalability, and are integrable with more common statistical and ML algorithms.

While its Driverless AI platform enables data scientists to automate various processes, speeding through tasks in mere minutes that would otherwise take months.

Ready for some big data analysis?

Check out H20.ai here.

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