How To Add A Trusted Site to Windows 10

Windows 10 trusted sites

Sometimes your security settings get in the way of using the full functions on a trusted website.

We all see tons of websites every day and some of them we trust more than others. If you have a particular website that you trust but find that it doesn’t function fully, it’s likely that your Windows 10 security settings are getting in the way. It’s easy enough to get around though; simply add the website to the Windows 10 trusted Sites list.

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What is a Trusted Site?

There are four zones in Internet Security Options:

  • Internet
  • Local intranet
  • Trusted sites
  • Restricted sites

Every zone has its own security level for your browser and your files.

The Internet zone is set to medium-high by default and you want an exception added, the website must be added to Trusted Sites – that way, your computer will trust it and all other security zone settings are overwritten.

How to Add a Trusted Site

It’s easy enough to do:

  1. Launch Internet Options by typing it into the taskbar search box
  2. Click on Security>Trusted Sites
  3. Click on the Sites button and input the URL of the website
  4. Click on Add

You can add the URL in two ways – the first way is to type the full URL, like this:

or you could use the wildcard option, like this:


That’s it

Almost. If your newly trusted website has a few subdomains and you want to trust all of those too, use the second example, the wildcard, instead of typing each subdomain name in full.

Lastly, you can save your changes by clicking on Close>OK. There is no need to restart your PC and the changes will be reflected across all the browsers you have installed.

How to Remove a Website

If you added a site by mistake or you want to remove one from Trusted sites, here’s how:

  1. Launch Internet Options again
  2. Click Security>Trusted Sites
  3. Click on Sites and click on the URL you want removing
  4. Click the Remove button and save your changes.

That’s all there is to it – simple!

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