Honeywell Creates The Most Powerful Quantum Computer

Honeywell Quantum Computer

To date. Last year saw some pretty big developments in the quantum computing space. And this year seems to have started with the same bang. Honeywell is here with some remarkable news.

The company claims to have created the world’s most powerful quantum computer.

This comes not too longer after Google claimed this past September that it had achieved quantum supremacy, which IBM displayed skepticism for a month later.

That machine housed a 53-qubit design quantum computer chip.

Honeywell, though, has announced that it will be releasing a quantum computer with a quantum volume of at least 64, which is twice that of IBM Q System One. This breakthrough in technology comes after the demonstration of the firm’s charge coupled device (QCCD).

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As explained:

“Our quantum computer will be the most powerful available because it will have at least double the quantum volume of alternatives.”

The quantum computer will employ ion traps to manipulate and control ions (qubits) by applying electromagnetic fields. This is a more accurate, albeit slower way of manipulating quantum states when compared to superconducting quantum chips.

Honeywell also claims to have enabled ‘if’ statements in quantum computers, by allowing them to gauge qubits, and taking decisions based on their states.

The company also announced that its quantum computer will be used by JP Morgan Chase in practical applications of quantum computers in the finance industry. Unclear at this point how this new machine will be employed.

Honeywell and Microsoft have been working closely together, with the firm tapping Azure Quantum to usher in the age of quantum coprocessors. This drive towards quantum supremacy is another step in this uncharted direction.

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