HP Just Can’t Make Up Its Mind On The Elite x3 Price

Not in the UK, at least. The HP Elite x3 is pretty much the only real Windows 10 Mobile flagship handset on the market, but it seems that the company can’t make its mind how to best price it.

The Brexit effect, perhaps.

Or something else, maybe.

Because even though HP rolled out a massive discount for the handset in the UK a few weeks back, but it has brought the price up again now. By no less than 23%.

In fact, the price has never settled, and has been volatile ever since the launch of the handset way back in August 2016 for £706.80 — which included the Desk Dock accessory that made the Continuum experience possible for this Windows 10 Mobile powered phone.

Since then the company has doubled up on erratic pricing, with a 5% discount here, a 7% increase out of the blue there, a £150 cashback offer on the handset at one time, and a massive £500 cashback for buyers that traded in their old phone at another.


Sure, you also have to factor in the age of the handset. The HP Elite x3 was announced more than a year and a half back, and its release was quite a storied affair in of itself.

But the pricing is very confusing, particularly for buyers that are, or were, planning to get their hands on the device. These sudden discounts, freebies, cashback deals, and price increases only add to the complication of owning the handset.

Perhaps that is why the HP seems to be working on an Android alternative.

All we know at this time is that after the August 7 price reduction of 18% in the UK to £549, HP has upped the price again 23% back to £673.20.

Let’s see how long it lasts.

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