HP Readying A New, Improved Mixed Reality Headset

HP Readying A New, Improved Mixed Reality Headset

Generation next approaches! HP is said to be preparing a new Windows Mixed Reality headset, apparently codenamed Copper, and packing in a number of neat improvements.

You may recall that the company dived into this new domain back in October 2017 when Microsoft first showed off the first consumer Windows Mixed Reality head-mounted (HMDs) from a number of big names at an event in San Francisco.

Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo launched their wares, while Samsung followed suit with the Odyssey.

Not much happened in the way of a refresh — save for the Odyssey+ that launched in October 2018, and brought along improvements to specifications and the design of the original device.

And if news is to be believed, HP is redesigning its HMD from the ground up.

The device now sports a design inspired by Oculus Rift, with head straps going through the side and above the head. It also comes with a heathered material on the front where the tracking cameras are located.

HP Copper HMD

Not only is the headset expected to be lighter and more comfortable to wear, it will also feature better mechanicals that will make it easier to put on and remove.

In terms of circuitry, this next-generation device will offer a 2160 x 2160 resolution display per eye, making it the most pixel-dense display in a Windows Mixed Reality lineup. The new Odyssey+ only sports a resolution of 1440 x 1600.

The denser display should not only make for crisp, clear images, but will also help reduce the screen door effect that negatively impacts the immersion of the wearer.

All in all, it does seem to be a significant update.

HP further states that the improvements to the HMD come from its enterprise customers, who did not consider the field of view as a large area of concern, at least when compared to the resolution and comfort.

And while we don’t have details about the launch date or pricing of this headset, HP did confirm that it will be selling the HMD to both customers and enterprise.

As for the Windows Mixed Reality platform itself, it has steadily been receiving improvements in the latest Windows 10 preview builds. The way HP is developing Copper, these enhancements may well encourage more users to give the platform a try.

Good stuff.

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