I almost snagged a Surface Pro at Best Buy today

So the Surface Pro is on display at my local Best Buy.

I stopped by to take a look at it and after a while, asked one of the sales people if they had any of the new Surface Pros available.

He said that he thought they were in the back and then after he went to check (and probably got his ass kicked by management), he came back and said they would be coming in on Saturday.

Since I was bored and full of mischief, I asked innocently:

“Will you guys sell the display model?”

And I got the magic answer:

“Sure that shouldn’t be a problem”

My heart started beating like a drum and then the dream ending words followed..

“Let me just check with my boss…”

You know how that ended.

ALMOST…..    🙂

Anyway, here are some photos and video of the Microsoft Surface Pro at Best Buy.

Video of the Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet at Best Buy

And here are some photos of the display. The RT model is on the left and the Pro is on the right…

Photos of the Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet at Best Buy

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