Intel May Launch A Trifold Foldable Windows Phone

Intel Trifold Phone

Looks like foldable phones may be the in thing for 2019! This new trend has been picking up surprising pace lately, with tech giant jumping in like there is no tomorrow.

Microsoft may have started work on this concept early, but other companies have now joined in with some very solid projects. Royole unveiled the first folding Android smartphone at CES, LG and Samsung are rumored to be working on these types of devices for quite some time.

And now we have Intel, who apparently wants in on the fun, too.

Patent documents dating back to 2017 extensively detail these plans from the chip giant for a trifold Windows device.

Let’s take a look at them, first:

Interesting concept, this.

When the device is completely folded, it acts like a smartphone. But when partially folded, it behaves like a small laptop with a touchscreen keyboard thanks to the two screens at its disposal. And when fully unrolled, it turns into a full-fledged tablet.

You can see all these form factors in the mockup image above.

The patent also reportedly shows a stylus that can be stored in a slot in the hinge when the device is fully folded. This is an excellent addition for productivity, as only a few mobile devices offer the ability to connect a stylus.

Powered by Windows, this may well be the best way to bring the OS to a portable style.

And one that the mythic Surface Phone may well sport.

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