Intel Tremont Powers New 10nm Atom Chips

Intel Tremont

Intel is here with the goods! The chip giant has pulled another card from its sleeves, with the Tremont microarchitecture that marks the first major update since the Bay Trail platform that was released in 2013.

In addition, this will be the first 10nm process for this family of products.

More impressively, it finally brings the concept of big.LITTLE cores that has been the mainstay of the smartphone and tablet world. The good old x86 mobility space is set to be treated with this technology that promises to offer superior performance without the cost of battery life for mobile devices.

This new microarchitecture will be at the heart of the company’s Lakefield chipsets, which also uses a new 3D packaging technology called Feveros.

It makes it ideal for small and thin form factors.

Which is something that the upcoming Surface Neo, the dual-screen device that Microsoft showed off at its annual hardware event earlier this month. The company already confirmed that this device will be powered by the Intel Lakefield chipset, and run a special version of the OS called Windows 10X.

Tremont also packs a few new technologies that Intel has been working on, like Accelerator interfacing Instructions, Intel Speed Shift, Trusted Execution Technology, Boot Guard, and Total Memory Encryption.

The company hopes that all these new additions should help both performance and security.

Intel has not yet hinted at the release date of Tremont and Lakefield, but seeing that it has been almost a year since the company first announced Lakefield, back in 2018, it should not take too much longer for devices powered by this platform to hit the market.

They will go in competition with other Windows 10 devices powered by ARM hardware, so it promises to be a very interesting battle nevertheless.

Bring it.

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