Is the Windows 8 Tablet Too Late?

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will have some catching up to do though. Gartner reports that Apple has sold 46.7 millions iPads, and there have been 11.02 million Android tablets sold. Microsoft has sold none. Gartner research VP Carolina Milanesi has an explanation for this, “This is because Apple delivers a superior and unified user experience across its hardware, software, and services.” I disagree with Gartner. I think that Windows 8 actually has a pretty good chance of surpassing Android in sales and at least being a significant competititor to the iPad. First off, there are too many Android devices. They all have similar features to each other. None of the tablets actually stand out from one another. Because of this, a lot of consumers choose Android tablets based on price. If you want to buy an iPad on the other hand, you practically have no choice. The only difference in the models is storage space and whether you have 3G data access or not. You also don’t have much control when it comes to the software. The app store is limited, the operating system (iOS) is rigid when is comes to customization, and content syncing is almost completely limited to iTunes. Windows 8 fixes some of these problems. Windows is proprietary so not every tablet manufacturer will have it, so you won’t be flooded with Windows tablets, but you will have choice in what models you can buy. The Windows 8 app store may be closed, but if you have an Intel based tablet, you will be able to run x86 apps. I also think that Windows 8 will be more open to customization than iOS. Source What do you think? Can Windows compete against Android and iOS? Or is it too late? Please post your comments below.]]>

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