JEDI Row Turns Ugly As Amazon Blasts Microsoft

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Battle of the blogs? The JEDI contract dispute has developed into a war of words between the two tech giants, as Amazon continues to claim that it lost out on a major US cloud contract.

Due to what it believes, is significant political interference.

The ongoing legal wrangle between AWS and the US government to award Microsoft the $10 billion deal has resulted in a public war of words breaking out between the two technology titans.

And let’s just say, things are getting ugly.

Amazon hit out at Microsoft in a recent blog post by Amazon’s VP of Communications Drew Herdener, where it slated it for “spotty operational performance” and “self-righteous and pontificating” after Amazon filed a fresh appeal against the decision to award the JEDI contract.

In what AWS claims was political interference that blatantly impacted the award decision.

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However, Microsoft published a post itself where corporate vice president of communications Frank Shaw leveled some accusations against Amazon:

“Amazon’s complaint is confidential, so we don’t know what it says. However, if its latest complaint mirrors the arguments Amazon made in court, it’s likely yet another attempt to force a re-do because it bid high and lost the first time.

The only thing that’s certain about Amazon’s new complaint is that it will force American warfighters to wait even longer for the 21st-century technology they need – perpetuating Amazon’s record of putting its own interests ahead of theirs.”

Similar claims to what were made in another Microsoft blog post.

Herdener, meanwhile, went on to conclude his post with a hot warning to Microsoft that AWS has no plans to scale back its commitment to getting the procurement process full scrutinized:

“To be clear, we won’t back down on this front regardless of whether Microsoft chooses to try to bully its way to an unjust victory.

We also won’t allow blatant political interference or inferior technology to become an acceptable standard. We have great respect and admiration for those who serve and are honored to support the DoD, but we will not sit idle nor apologize for doing what we believe is right, fair and just.”

Way to stick the knife, Amazon!

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