Liquid Telecom Extends Azure Services Across Africa

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This is a big development. African telecoms group, Liquid Telecom, has announced that it has extended availability of Microsoft Azure across the continent from the Cape to the Cairo.

From South Africa to Egypt.

This impressive scale out of Microsoft’s cloud architecture was announced at AfricaCom 2018, and is made possible by Liquid Telecom and its 5 datacenters and a fiber network that approaches a dizzying 70,000 km.

Hybrid cloud services from Azure and Azure Stack will now be available throughout the continent, along with the CloudConnect service for Microsoft ExpressRoute that Liquid also offers.

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Nic Rudnick, group CEO of Liquid Telecom, with a short and snappy prepared statement:

“By extending the reach of Microsoft Azure to an increasing number of countries and customers, Liquid Telecom is helping Africa realize its digital future.”

This rollout is enabled and underpinned by the fiber network that Liquid Telecom has spread across the continent, its strategically located datacenters, and a hybrid cloud architecture that covers both Azure and Azure Stack.

The 5 regions where Liquid Telecom is now offering Azure hybrid cloud services are South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda. In addition to these, more countries are scheduled to go live during 2019.

Clients that opt for these services will be able to purchase cloud services in their local currencies and only pay for what they use.

Check out Liquid Telecom here.

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