Looks Like Paint May Stay In Windows 10

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The classic Paint app that has been part of the operating system for what seems like eons, may yet stay in the operating system. It looks like Microsoft is having second thoughts about its removal.

You may be aware that Redmond announced not too long ago that this handy little tool would be going away to make room for the new Paint 3D app.

This was an announcement that sent shivers through the technology world, with news sites covering this in extensively, and user reaction being quite negative. The company followed it up by clarifying that the application would still be available for download on the Microsoft store — even after the removal.

Essentially, a way to ease the transition.

In the meantime, an alert in Paint warned users that this version of Paint will soon be replaced by the new Paint 3D app. You know, the new UWP application that the company is focused on, which is a fair bit more capable than the classic desktop program.


Paint Alert

Surprisingly, these plans seem to have changed, as the product alert implemented in Paint has recently been removed.

As noted, the warning is no longer in the most recent Windows 10 19H1 preview build.

This version is already in advanced development stage, projected to be finalized next month. And with the warning removed in a new refresh of the operating system so closed to completion, people are seeing this as a sign that the company might keep the app around a little longer, after all.

Obviously, some are fascinated by why Microsoft will continue to offer two different versions of the Paint app in Windows 10.

If the company does it, at all.

These are, after all, rumors for now, and we have nothing official from Microsoft on this at this point in time. Who know, perhaps the company will set the record straight by the time the next preview version becomes available?

What are your thoughts on this? Do you regularly use the classic Paint program? Or have you moved to the new UWP version of this key tool in the operating system?

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