Michael Dell – confident about Microsoft's Surface having limited impact

September 26, 2012

PCW: Microsoft is getting into the computer hardware business via its Surface tablets. Is this good or bad for OEMs in general, and what’s your take on the impact of Microsoft’s hardware aspirations on Dell specifically? Dell: I think the impact will be limited, given the number of units they expect to ship. Microsoft developed the product largely as a reference architecture—to set a baseline for Windows 8 user experience. We’re aligning a significant portion of our product development with Windows 8, and we think it offers some great, new capabilities. Anything Microsoft does to support faster Windows 8 adoption is fine by Dell. However, our focus is less on their plans and more on designing and delivering compelling Dell products and solutions. Whether it’s true or not, it’s a great answer. Dell unlike some other CEO’s I wont name has been very focused and disciplined about the Windows 8 message. He hasn’t allowed himself to slip up and say things he would regret later. He also hinted that Dell would be introducing a bunch of new Windows 8 related products into the market before the Windows 8 launch.

PCW: Where do you hope to take the notebook and computing with Windows 8? Dell showed a really snazzy convertible notebook at IFA last month. What can we expect, and when? Dell: We’re working closely with Microsoft to ensure our Windows 8 products deliver the best user experience possible. Along with the XPS 12 you mentioned, we also introduced the XPS 10, a tablet with a mobile keyboard dock, and the XPS One 27 all-in-one PC with touch, all of which are designed for Win 8. We’ll be introducing other products for consumers and businesses closer to launch. We understand our customers’ evolving IT needs perhaps better than anyone [else] in our industry, and that insight is baked into all of our new solutions.
So far I haven’t really been blown away by ANY of the Dell stuff that they showed at IFA or anywhere else. I’m looking forward to a more aggressive Windows 8 hardware styling approach from this company among others… Source]]>

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  • ‘I think the impact will be limited, given the number of units they expect to ship. ‘
    well, thats kinda fun. everytime i am talking with somebody about new win8 hardware and especially tablets there is always the reference to surface… everybody says: oh but a surface would be kinda better/nicer/whatever…
    lets see what the future brings. can’t wait to see sales numbers of win8tablets/surface/ipad/android tablets in Q3/4 2013. 🙂

    123321 September 26, 2012 8:47 am Reply

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