Microsoft Announces Surface Hub 2

If you’ve been wondering where the Surface Hub 2 has been, wonder no more! Microsoft has made the device official, and it looks a country mile better than the first effort.

Of course, we already had a feeling that the second-generation model was incoming.

And today, the company has made the next iteration of its popular business collaboration computer official. As the image above shows, it is quite different from the original — different and improved, with a form factor that works much better.

Now, though Redmond did not talk about the internals of the device, it is safe to assume that it houses newer chips than the 4th generation Intel Haswell in its predecessor.

That said, the company did reveal that the 50.5-inch Surface Hub 2 offers a 4K display, which is a notable improvement form the Full HD 1080p on the previous 55-inch one. By the same token, there is no mention of a larger screen size this time around.

But as we’ll find out, there probably is no need of that.

First, let’s take a look at the introduction video Microsoft has prepared:


So, thanks to the slimmer bezels, one of the key features of the Surface Hub 2 is dubbed tiling, which allows users to put up to four devices side by side, portrait or landscape, and have all of them work together as one massive screen.

Microsoft has also teamed up with Steelcase for a series of rolling stands and mounts so that you can easily move the Surface Hub 2 around as and where needed.

Other than that, expect all the usual bells and whistles with this amazing creation, including integrated speakers and far-field voice microphones that work with Cortana and for Skype calls. Basically, all that good stuff that the Surface Hub line is known for.

And though the announcement has been early this time, Microsoft expects to begin testing the Surface Hub 2 with commercial customers later this year, making it fully available in 2019.

More details will be here in the coming months, but you can sign up for updates here.

So, how many should I put you down for?

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