Microsoft, AT&T Extend 5G Cloud Partnership


Time to go way deeper. Back in November Microsoft and AT&T entered into a partnership centered on 5G technology. And now we have news that both companies are extending this collaboration.

Of course, the two technology giants are no stranger to team ups.

But with 5G well on the horizon, it is time to kick thigs into high gear.

To that end, the two technology giants have combined to become developers of the new Network Edge Compute (NEC). This builds on the integration of Microsoft Azure with the AT&T Network Cloud 5G tools, which the previous partnership entailed.

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As a result, this platform will allow Microsoft Azure and Edge computing solutions to be brought to 5G customers by leveraging AT&T 5G networks.

In the words of Corey Sanders, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Solutions:

“The collaboration reaches across AT&T, bringing the hyperscale of Microsoft Azure together with AT&T’s network to innovate with 5G and edge computing across every industry.”

Across every industry.

Microsoft has a ton more details in this blog post, where it reveals how NEC will be launched in a testing program for customers in Dallas. The goal being to roll out the platform to Los Angeles and Atlanta as well during this year.

As for the benefits this brings, NEC enables improvements like improved connections speeds, lower latency, to go with quick access to Microsoft Azure on the edge.

AT&T has been leading the charge in bringing 5G technology to locations. The telecom giant was the first to open a 400-gigabit connection between Atlanta and Dallas. As of this writing, its 5G network impressively stretches across 21 cities.

It’s team up with Microsoft stretches beyond cellular connectivity, too.

Redmond has confirmed that AT&T has already committed to bring non-network workloads under the Azure umbrella by 2024. In addition, integrations are also planned with other Microsoft cloud solutions like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive.

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