Microsoft Confirms 2013 BUILD Conference Sold Out In Just One Day

If there is one thing that has underlined the success of the Windows operating system, it is the amount of software developers that code for the system. No surprises then that Microsoft named its annual developer conference as BUILD.

The company recently announced that its 2013 BUILD developer conference would take place much earlier this year, on June 26 to June 28 in San Francisco.

The registration opened on April 1, and things moved at a lighting pace. Redmond has just confirmed that after approximately 24 hours, the conference had already been sold out — the only way to attend the event now is to watch it online.

Microsoft shared the news in a simple tweet like this:

“Build 2013 is officially sold out! You can still watch keynotes, select sessions, & live Q&A online”.

BUILD 2013 has stirred special interest, as Microsoft is expected to unveil the upcoming Windows 8.1 during the event, among other things. In fact, the conference is expected to reveal details about the companywide Blue initiative across multiple platforms and services.

The first public beta of the operating system is also said to go live only days before the conference, and Microsoft would try to collect feedback on the upcoming Windows Blue upgrade closer to the event.

All said and done, expect plenty of juicy details as we get closer to summer.

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