Microsoft Flight Simulator Closed Beta Begins On July 30

Microsoft Flight Simulator

One of the most unique and technologically advanced games set for arrival is Microsoft Flight Simulator, the newest iteration of the long-running flight simulation series.

And after nine months in alpha, the game is set to graduate to a closed beta on July 30.

Microsoft announced this next phase, confirming that all alpha testers will be automatically ranted access to the closed beta when it starts. Furthermore, the company will be sending out new invitations for participation once this new phase begins.

Meaning, if you applied for the alpha or beta phase, you may receive an invitation.

You will need to sign up for the Xbox Insider Program in order to have a chance to receive an invite, which thankfully is free. Now would be a good time to do so if you want to try out this fascinating game before it launches.

In order to celebrate this announcement, Microsoft has also released a new set of community screenshots that showcase the graphics of the latest alpha version.


Microsoft Flight Simulator will let players fly highly-detailed and stunning aircraft in an incredibly realistic world, which is created with the help of Azure, the company’s cloud computing platform. You will be able to create your own flight plan and fly anywhere on the planet.

Complete with day/night environments, as well as challenging weather conditions.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is still officially scheduled for release in 2020, and with this new development we just got closer to launch.

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