Microsoft Getting Ready to Roll out the New Edge to Windows 10

Edge Browser

Starting on January 15, 2020, Microsoft will start the rollout of its new Chromium-based Edge browser.

The new browser will be issued as part of a Windows 10 update but, going forward, officials say it won’t be tied to OS update releases. The documentation issued by the Redmond company, states:

“The next version of Microsoft Edge features more frequent and more flexible updating capabilities. Because browser releases aren’t bound to the Windows major releases, changes will be made to the operating system to ensure that the next version of Microsoft Edge fits seamlessly into Windows. As a result, feature updates will be released on a 6-week cycle (approximately.) Security and compatibility updates will be shipped as needed.”

Microsoft will also be making a Blocker Toolkit available for the new Edge browser for any organization that wants to block Edge from being automatically deployed. And administrators on Windows 10 Home can also run the blocker – what it won’t do is block the manual installation of the new browser.

The Microsoft Edge Addon store was officially opened on December 16 and developers are invited to submit extensions using the Partner Center Developer Dashboard.

The new version of Edge uses Chromium together with existing Edge components, to provide better browsing compatibility. Microsoft uses Chromium Blink as their rendering tech but many of the more common Chromium services are being replaced with Microsoft equivalents.

Do you use the Edge browser? Looking forward to the update? Microsoft browser hasn’t proved all that popular but the latest version may be just what we’re looking for.

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