Microsoft Issues New Windows XP Warning

It may seem like clockwork, but Microsoft often takes time out to remind users that it will soon be discontinuing the classic operating system that goes by the name of Windows XP.

And the reason for this is that despite being released almost 12 years ago, the OS is still going strong.

This only intensifies Redmond’s efforts to emphasize the risks of sticking to the old operating system instead of moving to a newer, more secure platform — be it Windows 7 or Windows 8. The latest warning call is published on the company’s new The Fire Hose blog that Microsoft recently launched.

Jennifer Chen, Microsoft News Center Staff explained that Windows XP is poised to go dark in less than a year and this means that no more updates and security fixes will be provided from the company:

“What does end of support mean? It means no security updates. No free or paid assisted support options, and no updates to online content. Using new hardware and software will become increasingly difficult and incompatible.”

April 8, 2014 will be the last day that Windows XP is eligible to receive support from Microsoft.

Yet, for better or for worse (worse most probably) while most people are listening, not everyone is ready to take action. Surveys reveal that while most want to do so, only a small percentage of businesses and enterprises have currently chalked out plans to make the transition from Windows XP.

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