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Microsoft Japan Partners With Startup For Blockchain Uptake

The Japanese arm of Microsoft has joined forces with a budding blockchain startup, LayerX, in an effort to accelerate the uptake of domestic blockchain in the country.

The press release has all the details, including how the two companies will use the Azure BaaS solution to promote the technology further in the domestic economy. The Azure Blockchain as a Service has been making waves lately, for good reasons.

In fact, it recently edged out IBM for enterprise blockchain uses.

LayerX Logo

And this is exactly what Microsoft plans to do here, supporting the introduction phase in its entirety, from start to finish, even down to the technical support of finished implementations. As the press release states:

“Both companies will work toward realization of transformation of people’s lives and working practices by promoting the implementation of blockchain technology in various industries.”

LayerX was formed this August.

It is a joint venture between news curation app Gunosy and advisory service AnyPay, and the startup aims to oversee blockchain integration for enterprise. Areas of focus include smart contracts and general consulting.

Japan has seen a noteworthy blockchain uptick in recent past, with a steadily increasing activity in both the blockchain and cryptocurrency spheres.

Multiple entities, large and small, are involved in promoting the technology among consumers. And this latest move from Microsoft should help drive adoption further in the enterprise space as well, while at the same time positioning Azure as a platform of choice for blockchain.

Win upon win!

For more information, visit LayerX here.

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