Microsoft Marketing gets permanent Times Square Surface placement on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

So my favorite show in the morning as I get my son ready for school is MSNBC’s hit political talk show “Morning Joe”.

Hands down this is the most popular politics morning show in America with widespread coverage throughout the United States.

In fact I referred to that show in a post where they gave Windows 8 the thumbs up.

Anyway, I noticed a while ago that when they start the show with the shot of New Yorrk’s Times Square, there’s some interesting branding coming through (middle right of the photo below).


Impressive shot showing the promo for the Microsoft Surface right as consumers wake up every morning.

It’s the best kind of marketing – persistent, subtle, day after day, millions of viewers.

Not a bad move for Microsoft’s PR/Marketing.

It might be an accident but regardless, nicely done.

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