Microsoft One Step Closer To Killing Off The Control Panel

Control Panel

It has been a whole 8 years since Microsoft first released the Settings interface with Windows 8 as a replacement for the Control Panel. But the classic applet still endures to this day.

The company said that it would pack in the traditional Control Panel in Windows 10 until the Settings app is properly developed and includes all the options that are available in the classic applet. That is still far from happening, as Settings still has not migrated many of the options.

But the company got a bit closer to its goal.

With the recently released Windows 10 build 20161, which is now with testers, Microsoft has started redirecting the System page in the Control Panel to the About page in Settings.

A small, subtle change, but a change nonetheless.

Links within the Control Panel and Windows Search that used to open the System Information page now redirect you to the About page in Settings.

Furthermore, the system information can also now be copied here. A dedicated Copy button allows copying the device name, processor, memory, device ID, product ID, system type as well as pen and touch information.

This new preview update suggests that Microsoft is currently looking to improve the Settings app further, before it takes steps to kill off the Control Panel once and for all.

A lot of work still remains till that happens and the company gets to bury the classic applet.

But it just moved one step closer.

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