Microsoft Preparing Fun, Secret And Risky Metro Apps For Windows Blue

It goes without saying that Windows 8 is not just a radical shift in approach from Microsoft when it comes to the user interface and touch optimization, apps are also an important focus of the company’s newest platform.

While most industry circles are keeping a close eye on the usability changes Windows Blue brings when it is released later this year, it seems that there is far more at play over at Redmond.

Stephen Chapman of MSFTKitchen has dug up a new resume of a Microsoft employee that sheds a little light on what the Metro apps of the future could look like:

“After a re-organisation, some people of my team and I moved in a brand new team inside Windows vNext. The team is called Inbox Experience/Platform Showcase Apps. The goal of my team is to ship the most fun/secret/risky/showcasable apps inside Windows and its ecosystem.”

No two words about the fact that Redmond is betting very big on apps and software along these lines. It is not yet clear what kinds of applications are included in this new breed, and whether some will show up in Windows Blue or Windows 9.

A recent video did show an improved version of Fresh Paint that is very likely to make a debut in Windows Blue, but from the way things are looking, it seems that the software giant is working on a bigger selection of apps that could be set for an unveil in the next year and two.

It will be very interesting to see what the future of holds and what kinds of innovation can Microsoft (purely as a software company) bring to its platforms.

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