Microsoft Said To Be Holding Talks To With UK Resellers For Surface Tablets

Retail is hard business. Just ask Microsoft. The technology titan has been scampering ever since the release of its Surface tablets to streamline and expand the retail availability of these devices.

First it was the issue of limited supplies for Surface RT and Surface Pro. With that sorted came the matter of expanding retail channels, both in North America and worldwide.

Now, with the announcement that several resellers in the US will be able to sell Surface units, Redmond has shifted attention towards one of its more important markets — the United Kingdom. Word is that the company is currently holding secret talks with resellers and retailers.

Both the Surface RT and Surface Pro units are on sale in Britain.

But according to a report over at The Channel, Microsoft is planning to expand the retail availability of its Surface tablets for consumers, while also making the Pro model more easily available to corporate customers.

No agreement has been reached until now, but the company is in talks to make the device available at Computacenter, Insight, Kelway, Misco and SCC.

The report says that high profile US executives are leading the negotiations, as Microsoft is yet to appoint a director for its British Surface division.

And the story does not end here. Insider sources have revealed that Microsoft is planning to break into the British education sector, similar to how it stepped into the United States education segment. If all goes well, the technology titan will soon sign some deals with UK schools and educational institutes.

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