Microsoft Says Chrome Web Store Houses Great Extensions

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Whoa! Why is everyone playing nice, all of a sudden? Microsoft has suddenly begun recommending Google products, in what is a couple turnaround from the days when it used to stick it to the search engine giant.

You know, with infamous campaigns like Scroogled.

Those days are long gone.

And in their stead, we have seen uplifting developments from both Google and Microsoft — primarily with the collaboration between two companies related to the development of the Chromium project. As in, the source code that powers both Chrome and the new Edge.

Apparently, Edge users are now being encouraged to go to the Chrome Web Store, where Microsoft says that they can find great extensions.

Not mere browser extensions, but great extensions.

Edge Extensions Great

It’s almost as if someone in the Google marketing department wrote this text. But this is the first time Microsoft has mentioned a specific store along with its link in its browser, even as the new Chromium powered Edge has always supported third-party addons.

Basically, Redmond now links both its own addons section on the Microsoft Store, alongside the Chrome Web Store extensions page.

Should give more options to those that might be interested in getting more extensions for Edge.

And while you can find this the latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary, the company will probably add this to other Insider channels for the browser in the near future.

How time changes!

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