Microsoft Sends Mozilla A Celebration Cake For Its 15th Anniversary

Oh, Microsoft you are so sweet! In case you were not aware, both Microsoft and Mozilla send each other cakes whenever they launch new versions of their browsers.

Fiercest of rivals they are, but that is not stopping both companies to share in the good times.

And really, few things compare than celebrating a 15th anniversary — as Mozilla, the Firefox maker recently did. Firefox, itself is close to mark its first decade next year, but Mozilla, the organization behind the famous browser has been in existence since 1998.

Anyway, getting back to the cakes business, Redmond decided on improvising a little and sent its competitor a new birthday cake to ensure the tradition goes on.

A tweet posted by the Internet Explorer team reads:

“Congrats @Mozilla on your 15 year anniversary & your continued advocacy for web standards! @firefox This one kinda snuck up on us. Had to improvise.”

The cake itself is nice and creamy, with an accompanying note that says “Happy 15th anniversary Mozilla! Love, IE”.

And just for the record, Mozilla recently sent Microsoft a celebrate cake back in October last year when Internet Explorer 10 made its debut. Expect something similar this summer when IE 11 sees daylight.

As for Firefox, while the browser still enjoys a substantial market share on the desktop end, it still has a lot of ground to catch up on smartphones and tablets. A Metro version of the Firefox browser is under development for Windows 8, and set to release later this year.

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