Microsoft Showcases Apps To Leave Worries Behind

Now who would say no to that! Microsoft has put up another special new category on its flagship apps repository that is supposed to get users ready for spring break.

The new category shows up under the Spotlight section of the Windows Store.

You get a collection of apps that help you do everything from search flights to book hotels right within the Metro user interface of your Windows 8 device. All the apps in this subcategory are offered with a freeware license.

The official description reads:

“It’s still cold outside, so why not plan a getaway for spring break? Find great deals on flights, book hotels and get travel trips about your destination.”

As is usually the case, this is just a temporary apps section, and will probably last for a limited time, so if you are interested make sure you check it out on your Windows 8 device.

The app store itself, according to unofficial statistics, chugging along towards the 50,000 apps milestone, which it should reach sometime early April, if not late this month.

And the quality of the apps is also taking a turn of the better, as more and more applications show up on the Windows Store and developers get a hang of things when it comes to developing for the platform.

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