Microsoft Sudoku Picks Up A Massive Refresh

Microsoft Sudoku

Not every day do you get updates for Microsoft games designed for Windows 10, but Microsoft Sudoku just got a massive revamp with several new features, visual themes, and more.

Developed by Xbox Game Studios, this free-to-play video game is a modern version of Microsoft Sudoku, and has been available on Windows devices since 2014. Redmond launched it for Windows 8 and Windows Phone, back in the good old days.

Though the game has not seen too many updates over the years.

Anyway, this latest refresh is rather significant in that it adds additional difficulty levels, new achievements, and a new type of daily challenge called Ice Breaker that places blocks of ice within the play area for players to break.

The software titan even released a special trailer to promote this update for the casual game.

Watch the short clip below:

Versions of Microsoft Sudoku are also available on other platforms like iOS and Android, and there is even one for the web. Play progress can be synced between each device via the use of the Xbox Live service.

Anyway, feel free to check out this popular puzzle game on Microsoft Store at the link below, and see whether you like what this latest refresh brings to the table.

Download: Microsoft Sudoku

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