Microsoft Tops The List Of Best Companies To Work For In Sweden

Microsoft has, traditionally, always been considered one of the best employers in the world ever since it’s early days when the company employee headcount was in the low hundreds.

But the already impressive global standing of the software titan received an additional boost, as Microsoft was recently crowned the best company to work for in Sweden.

This ranking was confirmed by a new study.

The survey was conducted by the consultancy group Great Place to Work, and recently published on The Local revealing that Microsoft came in as the top company to work for in Sweden. Other enterprises that topped the list included a software firm by the name of IFS along with fast-good giant McDonalds.

Maria Grudén, the CEO of Great Place to Work had this to say:

“The purpose with the Sweden’s Best Workplaces survey is to draw attention to the organisations which work actively for an exemplary workplace culture.”

Redmond has found itself in and around the lists of these sorts, particularly worldwide.

A recent Fortune survey, however, placed Microsoft as the 75th best company to work for, with Google still holding the top position. In a bit of a comforting news for the software giant, rivals Apple and Facebook did not find a place in the top 100 of this survey.

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