Microsoft Unveils Dongle Sized Windows 8.1 PC

How about a new Windows 8.1 PC? One the size of a dongle? With HDMI, USB and microSD ports for portability as well as connectivity? With decent performance to go with it?

While it may not be the first such computer of its kind, Microsoft showed off a brand new Windows 8.1 computer that looks very much identical to a regular USB flash drive — it is only 11 centimeters long, with a billed weight of just 46 grams.

This was presented by the company in South Korea, and has been designed in partnership with Daewoo Lucoms, a Chinese hardware vendor that has partnered up with Redmond.

Microsoft is yet to provide exact specifications of this device, and this unveil is very much a tease right now, but there are hints that this PC is powered by an Intel processor, comes with either 16 or 32 GB or storage capacity, along with either 1 or 2 GB of RAM to ensure smooth operations.

A HDMI port is also included so that users can plug this into their TVs or monitors, and the USB port can handle an external keyboard or mouse.

It goes on sale in May, just in case you plan on making your move.

Pricing details are, unfortunately, missing right now, but are expected to be disclosed at a later date. And yes, this device will run, and be upgradeable to, Windows 10 once the new OS is out in the open in just a few months from now.

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