Microsoft Wants To Mass Produce Large Touch Screens

confirmed by none other than Stephen Elop, who is currently in charge of Microsoft’s devices unit at the company’s Australian Partner Conference on September 2. He said that while PPI displays could be produced by Microsoft, pricing still remains a challenge. PPI, as in those amazing screens from Perceptive Pixels. These, obviously, sold for as high as $80,000 before Microsoft acquired the company. Redmond was aware of this fact at the time of the acquisition — as a result, these are now available for $7,500. Microsoft wants to bring the price down even further. It is not clear, at this time, whether the company plans to distribute these large touchscreens, but this is something that cannot be ruled out. Microsoft could theoretically beat Apple and others to the television market, at the same time bringing Windows to more devices of all screen sizes. PPI displays, then, have slid solidly in Microsoft’s future plans. Wonderful.]]>

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