Most New Computer Buyers Still Choosing Windows 7 Over Windows 8

Now this is one thing Microsoft would be hoping to reverse. And I mean really hoping to reverse. Redmond may have expected to see Windows 8 quickly become the public choice number one for those who purchase new computers, but things are radically different.

Not just in the North America, but across the globe as well, it seem.

According to a new report over at PC Pro, a Manchester-based retailer by the name of Computer Planet has to sell new computers running Windows 7, as customer demand for Windows 8 remains critically low. In fact, some customers took delivery and then wanted to revert back to Windows 7.

A nightmare, according to the PC builder!

Paul Redford, the company chairman told the source that 93 percent of computers are delivered with Windows 7, and only 20 percent of the 500 computers they sold in January were equipped with Windows 8.

Obviously, how much of this is down to the differences between the two operating systems, or because Windows 7 already meets the needs of most people is up for debate. But one thing is certain, new users have a bit of a task on their hands when it comes to adjusting to the new user interface.

I remember how Microsoft bundled some really helpful tutorials both with Windows 98 and Windows XP. They showed up once the OS was installed, and explained all the features in detail.

Wonder who gave the bright idea of not bundling something like this Windows 8?

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