The New Azure Cloud Collaboration Center Is Pure Bliss

Azure Cloud Collaboration Center

Few can deny the level of responsibility Microsoft has on its proverbial shoulders. The newly set up Azure Cloud Collaboration Center is proof how the company feels about it.

When you count 95% of the Fortune 500 business as clients that are using your cloud platform, one has to go the last mile to ensure the reliability and enhance the performance and security of your service.

And Microsoft has done just that.

The company has set up a new, state-of-the-art, 8000 square foot facility in its Redmond, Washington corporate campus — a centralized workspace that allows engineering teams to come together and resolve operational issues and unexpected events that could impact customers.

It truly is the first facility of its kind among major cloud providers, the Azure Cloud Collaboration Center, with a 1600 square foot video wall that displays the real-time status from the cloud platform.

Everything from internal Azure processes and network infrastructure to the health status of customer services is within access here.

Engineers can identify potential issues before they become problems. And not just that, they can also quickly triage incidents when problems do occur.

As Jason Zander, executive vice president for Azure, puts it:

“A high priority for us in building this space was to enable faster problem resolution and proactive work to strengthen the Azure platform for our customers.”

The CCC was purpose-built for collaboration.

Dynamic, customizable workspaces can be reconfigured for small or large groups. While cutting-edge visualization and Skype technology enable experts to be pulled into discussions, no matter where they are in the world.

On top of that, anything on the video wall can easily be viewed on a desktop for closer analysis and correlation of information.

The big idea being, to set up a special space where customers can be given a snapshot of what is happening with their data 24/7, while at the same time streamlining troubleshooting of any issue by multiple teams simultaneously from across the organization.

Job well done, very well done.

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