No Windows 10 19H1 Builds This Week


Thanksgiving time means only two things: Good food and a slow week. Well, at least when it comes to work. Take Windows 10 19H1 build releases as an example.

Microsoft has made it a habit to release new preview versions for Insiders to test every Wednesday.

These become available in the Fast ring of the preview program like clockwork.

But this typical weekly rollout of new builds will be skipped this time, as Redmond has no new builds planned for this week due to many Microsoft engineers taking a little time off. Thanksgiving takes place this Thursday, and many Americans will be spending the day with their friends and family.

This was confirmed by Brandon LeBlanc of Microsoft when he was asked about a new build release this week in the monthly webcast that the Windows Insider team held earlier this week.

From Canada, of all places.

Making this the first Insider webcast to be held outside the United States.

A new Windows 10 build release involves a lot of preparatory work by the engineers in the Windows team, as well as a fair bit of tracking post release. The team needs to collect information on potential issues that Insiders may discover and report.

With Thanksgiving, this is obviously impossible.

A new update could land next week, though. And if you are keeping an eye out for it, a good day to expect a new build would, once again, be Wednesday. As Redmond would want to stick with the same schedule.

For the record, the latest 19H1 update landed last week as build 18282, bringing with it a metric ton of improvements.

As for the update itself, this next major version of the operating system is on track to become available for everyone, early next year, sometimes in spring 2019.

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