Nokia And Microsoft Join Hands


Microsoft has just penned a new partnership with Nokia, with both IT behemoths teaming up to forge joint solutions in the domains of communications and enterprise solutions.

The aim of this collaboration is to enable communications service providers and enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation.

Both companies will combine their expertise to achieve these goals. Microsoft plans to put to use its cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning expertise, while Nokia will bring to the table its networking and communications prowess.

More specifically, the venture will bring together Microsoft Azure, Azure IoT, Azure AI and machine learning solutions with the industry-leading LTE/5G-ready private wireless solutions, IP, software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN), and IoT connectivity offerings that Nokia has going.

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In the enterprise space, for example, this joint effort has the potential to accelerate digital transformation by offering connectivity and IoT solutions that unlock potential automation across multiple industries.

With the world moving towards modernization, these solutions could be put to use in digital factories, smart cities, warehouses, healthcare settings, and transportation hubs such as ports and airports.

And then there is the case of connected smart tools and machines on the manufacturing floor. 5G ready private broadband solutions with on-premise Azure elements could enable increased productivity, flexibility, and safety for workers.

Endless potential, for the two firms to work together and drive industrial digitization and automation across enterprises.


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