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Nokia Video Director App Unleashed For The Lumia 2520 Tablet

Let’s just say Nokia is good with goodies. Part of the Finnish company’s recent success with the Windows Phone platform is its collection of extras and exclusive apps and services for its Lumia devices.

And now with its first ever tablet out in the wild, the company continues this trend.

Not only is Nokia ready to package a Power Keyboard for free with every purchase of the Lumia 2520 tablet, the company also have something else in store for users — something in the form of a dedicated video editing app that has exclusively been released for the slate.

The company talked about the app on its official blog, saying:

“Nokia Video Director is the perfect app for people who love to make stylish, shareable films out of their videos and pictures but who have no patience for cumbersome video editing software.

All you have to do is pick the video clips and images you want to use, pick a style from a series of templates, and add the start and end frames.”

The focus here is on the creation of trendy clips. The interface has that traditional bold Nokia looks, while the process of creating and editing videos is simple and straightforward. Just select the videos, images, templates, and then add the starting and ending frames.

Videos can obviously be previewed before being finalized.

Nokia Video Director also comes with a companion Windows Phone 8 app that can be used to transfer videos and photos from Lumia smartphones to the Windows RT powered Lumia tablet.

Written by Eliza Chang

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