Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Floats Up

With the Finish company finally returning to winning ways (that is, back in profit), speculation has been mounting when Nokia will bring out its very own tablet. The company itself has been toying with the idea for a while now, but nothing solid has emerged.

Up until now, that is.

A bunch of new Nokia devices have been spotted online, and while most of them are quite possibly new Lumia smartphones, a certain Nokia RS-108 has piqued interest of AdDuplex.

The noteworthy thing here is that this device is powered by Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform. Alan Mendelevich shared the intriguing news in a tweet recently:

“As for Windows 8, I see something called Nokia RX-108. Don’t know what that is.”

Windows 8? Nokia? We don’t know what that is too, but it sounds awfully interesting.

No other details are available as at the moment, except that this could very well be a Nokia tablet computer powered by Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform.

In fact, something similar also emerged over at WMPowerUser, and as noted, the RS-108 was spotted along with some other models — namely the Nokia RM-892, a RM-860 (probably a high-end Lumia, sporting a 1280 by 768 pixel resolution), along  with RM-885 (which is most definitely a Lumia 720).

You will be the first to know as more details come up.

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