Oops! Windows 8 Was Actually Discounted By Accident

Oh, Microsoft you never cease to amaze. There is rarely a dull moment with the software titan, particularly when it makes some accidental gaffs, or harmless little minor errors. Like this one.

A few days ago news came out that the UK website of Microsoft put up a peculiar looking discount for Windows 8 Pro, bringing the price down from the regular £190 to an unbelievable £44.99. While this was good news for people who planned on buying a license, it now appears that it was an accident.

The company told PC Pro that an error in their system was the reason why Windows 8 suddenly got cheaper. A company spokesperson was quoted as saying:

“Due to an error in our system, Windows 8 Pro was available on the Microsoft Online Store in the UK at a price that was advertised lower than our regular Microsoft Store price.”

Regardless of the awkward show, the company confirmed that it plans to honor all orders:

“This pricing error has been corrected and we are honouring all legitimate purchases that occurred while we worked to resolve the issue. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience our customers may have experienced.”

Good going, Microsoft, good going.

And before you get any funny ideas, you should know that the discount obviously is no longer available. If you plan on buying the Windows 8 Pro upgrade, you will now have to fork the full price of £190 for it.

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