Lenovo Windows Phone Smartphone Almost Ready To Launch

It looks like Chinese hardware maker Lenovo is almost ready to jump in the Windows Phone party, as reports seem to suggest that the company’s Vice President is already using one such device.

The company promised a handset last year powered by Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

Arthur Tsang, the vice president of Lenovo Group MIDH China confirmed back in late 2012 that the company will release such a device when it believes all market condition to be right — in other words, an improved ecosystem and acceptance.

Now it seems that the expected release of a Lenovo Windows Phone smartphone is right around the corner. Citing reports over at WPDang, WMPowerUser notes that Arthur Tsang already has the device in his hands, and used it recently to post a tweet.

The company has enjoyed great success with its Android lineup of devices, which are some of the most sought after phones in China — a country (alongside the US) where the Windows Phone operating system is yet to find its ground.

Nevertheless, a Windows Phone handset from Lenovo could potentially prove to be equally popular and significantly improve the local market presence of Microsoft’s mobile platform.

No further details are available right now, and it remains to be seen exactly what features the hardware vendor packs in its Windows Phone smartphone or when the device will hit store shelves.

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