Original Windows File Manager Lands On The Store

Original Windows File Manager Lands On The Store

Blast from the past! Microsoft has released the original Windows File Manager as a UWP app on the Windows Store. Yes, this was the program that debuted with Windows 3.0.

All those eons back.

The company has previously open-sourced the project in 2018. But now it is going a step further by making it available for all devices running Windows 10 — technically, at least.

The Microsoft Store listing claims that the Windows File Manager can be installed on PC, mobile, Surface Hub, and HoloLens. But this is only partially true, as the official system requirements state that you need to be running at least Windows 10 build 16299.

And this isn’t available on mobile devices.

Still, those who want to see how it all got started, can download and take this app for a spin. It’s quite a neat application and highly rated too, with a full 5-star rating as of this writing.

This is how it looks:

Windows File Manager

It’s time travel, practically, to the early days!

As for the project itself, the program is maintained on GitHub, meaning you can download and compile it yourself. Microsoft also says that users can contribute with ideas and suggestions:

“The Windows File Manager lives again and runs as a native x86 and x64 desktop app on all currently supported version of Windows, including Windows 10. I welcome your thoughts, comments and suggestions. I will not be changing the original_plus sources nor creating other branches for other purposes. You are welcome do that on your own.”

And if you’re wondering what Microsoft is planning for the modern file manager in Windows 10, then the only thing we have from the company is an official confirmation that it was developing a truly cross-platform UWP version too.

Remains to be seen whether that actually ever sees daylight.

But this retro version might just do the job for now.

Download: Windows File Manager

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