Power BI Picks Up New Features, And A New Region

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Power BI updates continue to trickle in like clockwork. And these changes introduced in July are about as exciting as they come, with new features and a new region, among other things.

Microsoft published its monthly recap of updates introduced to its Power BI service and mobile here.

The month of July has seen a range of new features being introduced, including service availability notifications, a capacity load testing tool for premium users, and plenty more. The service also finally got its first available region in Africa.

Power BI July Logo Yellow

But more on that later, first let’s take a look at the summary of improvements that the Redmond based company has brought to the service last month:

  • Support for non-premium datasets for Paginated reports
  • General availability of Power BI aggregations
  • July update for On-premises data gateway
  • Send refresh failure notifications to others
  • Power BI Premium capacity testing tool
  • Service availability notifications (Preview)
  • New Look (Preview) in the Power BI service
  • New Power BI region in South Africa
  • Report page tooltips on Power BI mobile
  • Roadmap updates


You can click on the link above for more details on all that is new.

Power BI July Updates

Power BI July Updates

Of particular note is the ability to connect to datasets that has arrived for all users. Previously this was only possible where the datasets were backed by premium capacity. Speaking of premium users, a new capacity load testing tool has been introduced.

And getting back to the region, the South Africa North region located in the city of Johannesburg brings overall availability for Power BI up to 19 regions in Microsoft’s public cloud.

Aside from 6 regions across its three national clouds.

Good going here.

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