So How Many Bands Did Microsoft Actually Produce?

some to believe that Redmond purposefully produce small quantities of the device. Not just to keep up with the demand, but also in an attempt to show that the device is successful. A Microsoft worker even reportedly said that the company only had 5,000 Bands available at launch. Seems like a very small number for something developed by Redmond, and rightly so, the company responded upon contact, with a spokesperson releasing this statement:

“We are excited by the response we have seen to Microsoft Band but Microsoft does not comment on production volumes. We don’t officially share or comment on specific numbers but, so you’re aware, we have built and have sold well beyond 5,000 units.”
The company further emphasized that it is working hard to make the Band available again, although there is no clear indication when the wearable would once again be up for grabs. Let’s just hope soon.]]>

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