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Stratis Using Microsoft Architecture To Simplify Blockchain

London-based project Stratis has unveiled plans to use Microsoft architecture to make blockchain easier for developers. The company recently became a member of the Microsoft Partnership Network.

Attaining silver competency as an ISV.

Independent Software Vendor.

The company’s project includes sidechains, smart contracts, an ICO and STO platform, as well as use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to simplify transaction processing. All in a bid to make blockchain solutions mainstream, allowing developers the ability to use existing languages.

To that end, the technology leverages the recently released Stratis C# Full Node, the company’s innovative software whose codebase is built on the Microsoft .NET Core architecture. In other words, the familiar and well-populated .NET ecosystem.

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Chris Trew, Stratis CEO and founder, detailed this:

“Our recent deliveries of smart contracts and sidechains are very innovative, I believe we’re the first platform to have Turing-complete smart contracts in C#. In addition, we have witnessed the impact of deploying smart contracts on the mainchain with large adoption so we have specifically delivered our smart contract solution on a sidechain to avoid bloating and performance issues.”

This, obviously, brings along a number of benefits.

Primarily, the number of C# developers that are available to audit the code is far greater than other smart contract languages. This can ease the work of third-party developers, while also allowing them to improve the performance of the underlying blockchain.

Learn more about the Stratis platform here.

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